Krazy Finger


Your spectator's phone will never be the same

Poke your finger into your spectator’s phone where it develops a life of its own performing feats of magic or bizarre side show visuals - the choice is yours.

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Exclusively at Joltronix

It’s incredible! It looks really cool. It’s brilliant. I really like it. I think it’s amazing. It’s gonna be one of the biggest things in magic this year.

Sean Heydon, Wizard Magic Review

Visual comedy magic

Hilarious, wacky, and magical the finger is under your full command so you can shorten or lengthen the routine to adjust to your audience reactions. Make it walk, wiggle, and jump out at your will. Or let it run on autopilot. Up to you! All on your spectator’s phone!

Soft or hard

Perform for ANY audience! The finger can stay on your hand! It doesn't have to detach if you or your audience don't like that; Many routines included that don't involve separated fingers, including the viral sensation where you pull out a low battery warning popup! You have full control over the trick's groseness level at any moment!

Easy and fun!

Super easy to use and highly versatile you’ll stun your audience with an ice-breaking visual gag or a full routine.

Anyone's phone!

Works on any borrowed smartphone and requires no apps, downloads, or pre-show preparations. Best of all it leaves no traces on your spectator’s phone. In fact, your spectator goes to Wikipedia themselves and that’s what the phone shows during and after the effect because KrazyFinger erases itself from the browser history.

Watch the 38 sec. video demo

Love it. Can’t live without it. Bought it instantly!

Meir Yedid, SAM Close Up Champion and Magician of the Year

Watch the famous battery warning video. Can also be performed without the finger detaching.

For everyone

KrazyFinger instantly lets you poke your finger into anyone's phone where it comes alive and performs magic or freaky visuals. It adjusts to your hand size and complexion with a single touch. Features precise visual and audio cues to guarantee perfect timing. Large hidden buttons and no reliance on sensor access make KrazyFinger a pleasure to work with.

Brilliant! I really like it. I’ve already filmed a video for my social media. You just borrow a spectator’s phone and go straight into it. There is no evidence how you did it.

David Penn, Wizard Magic Review

Watch the 2 minute video review

Reliable perfection

Invented and engineered by the crew behind the award winning magic app Replica4D KrazyFinger guarantees to look hyper realistic and work reliably on any phone. In fact it looks and moves like a 4K video but it's interactive and fully controlled by you.

Everything included

Includes a hyper realistic tissue that gets stuck behind the screen, a fake battery warning popup that can be your business card if pulled out, and some folded playing cards that turn out to be selected card that materialized in a stranger's phone.

Instant access!

Start immediately! You instantly receive your special URL, your personal password, and a concise yet detailed tutorial video. With this you'll borrow anyone's phone and perform KrazyFinger instantly. Works on Android, iOS, iPad.
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Exclusively at Joltronix